Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bath and Body Works SAS Coming to an End on 7-7-13

I just wanted to share some of my purchases during the Summer '13 Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale (SAS).  All of the anti-bacterial soaps were $3 or less.  The Secret Wonderland items were all 75% off.  The Fresh Picked hand cream was $2.  The Wallflower Bulbs were $3 each.  The Aruba Coconut items were all 75% off.  The Fresh Picked Tangerine body wash were $4 each.  The Men's Citron items were 75% off.  The Fresh Picked Hard Working Hand and Body Cream were $4 each.  The True Blue Spa items were 50% off.  I got one Aromatherapy Lemon Zest body wash for $6.50 (I'm hoping they will go 75% off within the next couple of days before the end of the sale).  I found 5 of the tall white pedestal candle holders at 50% off.  I also got 3 of the short white pedestal candle holders for 50% off.  The 4 oz candles were 50% off.  I was lucky enough to find them in Summertime Soda and Dulce.  I would have loved to find the 3-wicks in those scents.  I got one Pizzeria mini candle just to have.  In my opinion, it smells horrible!  All of the 3 wick candles that I purchased were $10 each (they are regularly $20 each).  I bought some other ones that my family is already burning.  The seahorse nail file was 50% off.  The double pack Wallflower bulbs in Apple Crumble was $6.  I purchased two room sprays in Mahogany Teakwood and Lavender Vanilla at $2.50 each (regularly $5).  The pocketbacs that I purchased were $.75 to $1 each. 

I did purchase some other items during the sale like a variety of other Wallflowers, 3-wick candles, and body care items that are already in use.  If you ask me, then this particular SAS was not as good as ones in the past.  I heard that they are going to extend the SAS and make it into a Summertime Sale.  There will be a new floorset on July 8th and there are a bunch of new items coming out.  I can't wait to try some of the new products especially the Fall items.  The Fall is my favorite time of year, so that is when I really go crazy with candles and other home fragrance items.  You can check out the following blog for more info on coming Fall items.  The blogs title is Sincerely Kelley XOXO.  The blog's site address is  or just click the picture below!       
Sincerely Kelley xoxo

Happy Shopping! 

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