Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Covergirl Queen Collection Jumbo Gloss Balm - 845 Juicy Jam

I recently picked up the Covergirl Queen Collection Jumbo Gloss Balm in the color 845 Juicy Jam.  The Covergirl Queen Collection of cosmetics is intended to complement darker skin tones.  I personally think many of the gloss balm colors complement any skin tone.  Some of the other products in this collection will also go with most skin tones.      
The following is what the Covergirl website says about the Queen Collection Jumbo Gloss Balms: 
  • Twist up the color and glide on the shine. Treat your lips to a balm that complements darker skin tones and is fortified with shea and mango butters for a smooth look with a hint of color.
There are 16 beautiful colors in this gloss balm collection.  You can visit the Covergirl site here to see all of the colors available.  
I only purchased one color to see if I like the way it feels on my lips.  I wanted to make sure that it didn't cake up or feel sticky.  For the record, it didn't cake up or feel sticky.  It feels really soft, smooth and creamy.  I absolutely love it!  I will be purchasing many more in a wide array of colors.  
In order to get your lips looking beautiful, all you have to do is generously apply the gloss balm to your lips by starting in the center and work your way out.  It really does give your great color and shine.  The color lasts for quite a while (hours) without having to reapply.  
I purchased my gloss balm at Target for around $7.  You can pick it up at other retailers such as Walmart, Ulta, local drugstores such as CVS and Walgreens, and your local grocery store.  You can also purchase other products from the Covergirl Queen collections such as matte pressed powder, concealer, flawless foundation, mascara, etc.  Click here to see the full Queen collection. 
And like I stated previously, the collection is geared towards darker skin tones, but several of the products like the eyeliner, lipsticks, gloss balms, mascara, eye shadows, etc. will work with many skin tones.  I'm not dark by any means, and several of the products work wonderfully on me.   
Happy Shopping!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bath and Body Works Market Peach Candles

I went to Bath and Body Works last weekend and purchased some home fragrance items.  While there, I received two free Market Peach 4 oz. candles.  I bought the two candle holders that fit either the mini candles or the small 4 oz. candles.  They are really cute and made of bubble glass.  They were only $6.50 a piece, but I had a coupon and got a discount. 
While burning the candles this early morning, I decided that I really do like the candle holders.  They put off a wonderful ambiance.  The only thing about burning the candles that I don't like is that I can't smell a thing.  I was burning them in my living room which is a pretty good size.  They were burning pretty much right in front of me on the coffee table, but I couldn't smell them.  The only way that I got even a tiny bit of scent is if my nose was right over the flame.  I guess I won't be buying any of these 4 oz candles.  I have rarely had any luck with the 4 oz. candles from Bath and Body Works.  I usually purchase the 3-wicks, but since these were free, I thought I would give them a chance. 
You should go out and purchase some Bath and Body Works candles and try them for yourself.  I would recommend the 3 wicks, but you can try out the 4 oz. ones because you never know, you might have better luck.  Some of their stronger candles may put out more scent in the 4 oz., but it will be trial and error. 
Please visit the Bath and Body Works website to see the great collection of candles, candle accessories, and other products.  Or visit your local store or outlet location near you.  Here is the link to the store locator.   
Also, visit the Facebook Bath and Body Works page and "Like" to read all about products and customer feedback.  They also do Facebook Exclusive Offers from time to time! 
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bath and Body Works Spring Market Event

Here is a picture of my haul from the Bath and Body Works Spring Market Event that took place on Saturday, March 9, 2013.  If you purchased a home fragrance item, then you got a free 4 oz Market Peach candle as a free gift..  I did two transactions and received two free gifts. 

I bought two more of one of my favorite scents at Bath and Body Works.  Pineapple Orchid is an amazing scent!  If you have not tried it, then you really should.  It is sweet and beautiful!  This 3 wick candle also burns perfectly.  I have not had any problems with it tunnelling or with the flames.  You should definitely check this one out before it it is gone for the season.  I also purchased four of the the wallflower bulbs in the same scent.  I currently have this scent in three rooms throughout my home.  I'm surely addicted to this wonderful scent.  I picked up two candle holders which hold either the mini candles or the small 4 oz candles. 

The last items that I picked up were the Pink Chiffon hand creams.  I was waiting and waiting for these to show up in my local stores.  A friend of mine posted online that they purchased one on Friday evening, so that is one of the first things I looked for when I arrived at the store on Saturday.  One of the Sales Associates actually ran up to me and pulled one from her apron just in case by the time I showed up they were all gone.  She said that she knew I would show up sooner or later on Saturday.  I really love the scent.  It feels nice and smooth, but after a little while, my hands were itching like crazy.  I don't know if it was a one time thing or not, but I'm going to try it again on another day to see what my reaction is.  I hope that it doesn't make me itch like that again because I will have to return them.

Overall, I had a great shopping experience.  All of the SAs and the manager were so kind and helpful like usual.  My store didn't hand out free samples like some other stores did, but maybe, they will hand some out at future events.  I used two survey coupons for $10 off of $30, and got the two free gifts, so that made me happy!

Happy Shopping!   

Orchid Professional Nail Lacquer Review

I bought this Orchid brand Professional Nail Lacquer in the color (183) I Lost Your Number quite a while ago, but never used it until this past week.  I actually really like the lavender color of the polish.  It is a darker lavender rather than light, but I wouldn't call it purple.  Anyway, I polished my nails on Thursday, and unfortunately, it was already chipping and peeling off by Saturday.  I didn't really have to use a lot to get the full color, but after two coats, it was still streaking.  You can see it in the pictures below.  It isn't totally clear because of the flash, but you can see it if you really look.  At the time that I bought this color, I bought a couple of other ones, too.  I haven't used those, yet, but I don't think that I will purchase this same brand again because of the chipping and streaking.  It is pretty color though. 

I bought this at my local grocery store (HEB). I've only seen these at HEB, but you may be able to find it in drugstores such as Walgreens or CVS.  I did not find a website for Orchid.  I would encourage you to go out and buy it so that you can try it for yourself.  Maybe, it was just me that thought it was too streaky.  When I purchased several of these, they were on sale.  I think they were regularly around $5, but I got them for about $2 each. 

If you look closely, then you can see the streaking.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, March 4, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day

at Bath and Body Works! 

I went to Bath and Body Works this weekend and picked up some things.  They were having a sale on lip glosses for $5 each, so I picked up two of the C.O. Bigelow My Favorite Night Balm.  It is a wonderful product.  They had a Facebook free offer for the new Beautiful Day fragrance EDT.  I picked up one of those with the coupon.  I also got several more because the sales associate said that they were ringing up buy 2 get 2 like the other signature collection items.  They were $3 each so, I picked up 8 more for only $12.

I have been using Winter scents for so long and I was getting tired of them, so I needed to pick up some new soaps in Spring scents.  I also picked up some new ones for the kitchen.  I got one in Sparkling Pink Champagne for around a $1 because it was on clearance from Winter.  I also picked up a couple of last year's Fresh Picked hand creams.  I got the Fresh Picked Apples and Pears for only $2 each.  I got the Honey Sweetheart Fine Fragrance Mist for free with a coupon (spend $10 get free item up to $14 free). 

I picked up three of the discontinued Citron cologne for a little over $4 each because they were on clearance.  My son loves that scent, so he asked me to buy him a few to last him a while.  The last item I purchased was the new Fresh Picked Tangerine Hard Working Hand & Body Cream.  This was free with a coupon, too.  It was free because the coupon was a spend $10 get a free item up to $14 free.  The hand and body cream was $8, so it fell within the parameters of the coupon.

Shopping at Bath and Body Works is always a great experience for me.  I always use coupons when shopping there and you should, too!  There is always a great deal to be had!  I will be going back this weekend because they are having a Spring Market Preview Event on Saturday, March 9, 2013 from 1pm - 5pm.  You should all go and check it out.  They are giving a free gift with a home fragrance purchase while supplies last.  The free gift is a 4 oz candle in a cute little bag. 

Happy Shopping!       

Chocolate Chip Cookies for All

I ususally don't write about my cooking or baking, but I am, now!  I'm not going to give out my recipe though because it is a secret!  I do recommend that you use parchment paper when baking.  I never knew about it when I was younger (my mom was not big on baking).  When I discovered it, baking cookies became so much easier.  Anyway, to hear about my most recent baking adventures keep reading. 

My son absolutely loves Chocolate Chip cookies, so he bugged me and bugged me to bake some for him.  Now, it seems as though I have been baking every week for the last three weeks.  My husband actually took some to eat with his lunch, and gave one to a friend.  His friend later asked him if I could make him a batch (I know his friend, too).  My husband came home that day and asked me if I could make his friend a batch so I did.  The friend couldn't get through the day without eating the majority of the batch of cookie.  He texted me and said that there were only 8 left in the bag.  I made him a batch of 24.  I asked him if he even shared any with his wife and daughter.  He claimed he did, but I didn't really believe him.  Since then, I have baked two more batches for him.  He said that he is addicted! 

My son took some to school and shared with his friends.  His friends asked him how much I would charge to bake some for them.  I told him that I would just bake some for free and not charge them.  My son said, "we can sell them a batch for $10."  I told him that was too much.  We didn't sell them any, we just gave his friends some out of kindness!  Now, my son asks me to bake every other day.  I'm glad others are enjoying them, but I'm not in the baking business........but maybe, I should be!  :)